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QR Code Contact Card

22 March 2022

QR Code Contact Card Are you still passing out business cards? Why?
Wouldn't you rather be a contact directly on your customers/acquaintance/coworkers phone than be a card that, "well, gee I know I put that somewhere in this wallet, maybe my desk drawer, gah I hope I didn't throw that card out"?

Make it easy on the person you're dealing with and save yourself the hassle of getting a fresh deck of 100 business card. Upgrade to a QR code that'll allow them to scan you directly into their contact list quickly and let this tutorial be your guide.

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23 October 2019

C4Pinger adds WhatsUp Gold like functionality to your network diagram for about $14,000 less than Whats Up Gold. Since it's free, we call it the Cheap 4th-point-of-contact Pinger or C4Pinger.

Download NetworkFileCardV7 and C4Pinger

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Create a Wiki Server

13 July 2018

Perhaps I'm making this post with a little bit of irony in that I am putting up procedures on how to create a wiki server on a page not hosted by a wiki server. Oh well, limitations on resources in my environment prevent me from hosting and maintaining a public wiki server and I haven't found the right page to dump this info on to yet. This page however was originally written up using wiki (hence the [] I'm too lazy to remove), so that's at least something.

But, a wiki server is great for maintaining generlized procedures (SOPs) for not only IT, but other departments as well. It can also be used as a documentation resource, but I personally shy away from maintaining network specifics through the wiki. This guide will lead you through not only installing MediaWiki on a Windows 2012 server (although it should be applicable for 2016 as well), but it's leading you through installing MediaWiki with BlueSpice, which is a much more user friendly version of MediaWiki with a sleeker design to it. The accompanying video that has turned Youtube into Snoozetube can be used for reference if you get stuck.

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Using Powershell and AXL (SOAP) to update device and line descriptions

25 June 2018
It wasn't easy figuring out how to get Powershell to play nice with AXL or the CallManager and it wasn't easy finding resources on it, so just posting this in case it helps any one out. For implementation and files, see DPD Implementation

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Dynamic Phone Directory PHP File (For use with Certificate Auth)

25 June 2018
I had some issues getting PHP to use SSL certificates for DPD, but this is the code that finally ended up working. Posting for search-ability here For implementation and files, see DPD Implementation

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